What We Teach


Mixed Yoga (Various Levels)
This class is designed to be a well-rounded practice of yoga. Explore the connection between breath and body as the teacher leads you through a mix of hatha and vinyasa yoga. The teacher will focus on alignment and creating fluidity between postures. Leave this class feeling strong and refreshed. All levels welcome.

Yoga Strong
This class is designed to improve strength, balance, and cardio.  Half of the class is dedicated to a yoga flow and the other half uses various weights (optional), and bands.  Come have some fun while getting yoga strong!  All levels welcome, go at your own pace.

Warm Yoga
In this class you will move through an invigorating vinyasa flow. The room will be slightly heated to aid you in wringing out toxins and increase flexibility. Be ready to get curious about your breath, slow down your mind and challenge your balance. This class is perfect for anyone who has practiced before and wants to learn more.

Gentle Yoga
This is a class designed to help practitioners restore and renew. Pose will be held for 3-5 breath cycles. In each pose we will work to create balance and alignment in the body, while bringing calm to the mind. The teacher will offer a variety of modification and students are encouraged to use props. All levels will enjoy this restorative class.

Beginners Series – Runs every few months – 6 week series – email or call us
Join us for a class for those who want to begin a consistent practice. We are here to empower you to start your yoga journey. This class will help you to create the foundation of your practice and gain the tools you need to have confidence on your mat. We will provide mats and yoga props. This is the perfect class for beginners.

In our Zen class enjoy slowing down to create ease in the body and mind. In this class you will hold poses for three to six minutes. In most postures you will be seated. All levels welcome.

This is a great class to end your weekend with and create intention for the week ahead. Teachers will pay music and lead you through a mixed of hatha and vinyasa yoga first, followed by a slow Yin practice. All Levels welcome.