Meet Owner/Instructor – NANCY BORRELLI

I am a 200 HR-RYT, practicing for over 20 years, teaching for over 7.  My practice started in Massachusetts – a place I called home for 50 years.  Yoga came along at a time when I needed some grounding and connection.  There was a small Sikh community in my town that opened up their Ashram for the practice of Kundalini yoga.  I began my practice after an injury realizing that conventional medicine was not enough. I started exploring Iyengar, Hatha, Bikram, and Vinyasa to name a few.  After moving to West Texas I fulfilled one of my dreams by becoming a RYT at Midland Yoga Works.  My easy going nature encourages beginners, as well as those with experience to feel confident in and challenged while keeping them safe with my alignment based teaching.  When a student goes beyond their comfort zone and are capable of far more than they thought possible, I know I have made the right choice in teaching.  When we call upon this pure strength that resides within us, and we use it both on and off the mat, we step into our power. I invite you to practice with us – the only requirements are a mat, open mind and heart, and a vision for yourself.

Meet Owner/Instructor – BECKY BATTERSHELL

Hi! My name is Becky Battershell.  Yoga has been part of my life for the last 8 years.  My practice has not only helped me grow stronger physically and emotionally but also helped me recognize the importance of slowing down and living in the here and now.  Yoga inspires me to live more mindful. I completed my RYT-200 training at Cyndi Simpsons’ Midland Yoga Works which was heavily (Iyangar) asana (posture) based training.  I am Uunata aerial yoga trained.  I am currently studying a Kundalini (spiritual Yoga) based teacher training. The thing I love most about yoga is that there is always more to learn.  I know I can study it for the rest of my life and always learn something new.  I love yoga because it is unique to each person who practices and together we can share our experiences and knowledge.  In my class I hope to help you feel more grounded, tuning into your own bodies needs and guiding you through a practice that will nurture your body and feed your soul.  My hope when is that when you step off the mat you feel refreshed, balanced and inspired. 

Meet Owner/Instructor – CHELSEA EYLER

I am a 200 HR RYT and certified SUP Yoga instructor. I received my certifications from BIG Power Yoga in Houston. I have completed Baptiste level one with Baron Baptiste. I started my yoga journey in 2012. I loved the challenge yoga presented to me. I could feel my body wringing out in each pose. I stepped on to my mat knowing yoga would help the endurance of my body and what I learned was that I could use yoga to interrupt any stressful or negative thoughts. Yoga is the practice of yoking the mind and body together as one. Rooming Yoga was a vision that came to me at the end of my teacher training. In my mind yoga should be everywhere and was designed for every-body. It was when I moved to Odessa that starting a mobile yoga studio came to life. My own personal journey has always led me to service for others. Teaching to me is a co-created collaborative process with my students. In my teaching I challenge my students to play outside of their comfort zones and move past resistance to reach a deeper practice. I teach powerful flow in which your breath will become a tool to connect to your body.  

Meet Instructor – DARON BARNES

After practicing yoga from home via YouTube for five years, I got certified in Thailand with Candace Moore, from YogabyCandace, for my 200hr RYT. My flows yoke both the modern world with ancient yoga principles. I teach a unique blend of vinyasa flow and functional movement to increase body and breath awareness. I firmly believe that people are stronger than they give themselves credit for and I firmly believe it’s my job to guide students to that realization.

Meet Instructor – MICHELLE BYBEE
I had recently been reintroduced to yoga as a means to help heal my body and quickly realized the many benefits to not only my body but my mind and soul. My love for teaching yoga comes from a desire to help people heal, recover and inspire them to find strength and balance in their lives.  I completed my 200 hour RYT training through Midland Yoga Works yet I still consider myself a life long student of all the various aspects of yoga. I believe that with patience and dedication we can experience whole body transformations along with compassionate awareness, stillness and clarity.  I want everyone in my class to feel welcome and inspired so get on those yoga pants and come experience the benefits for yourself!
Meet Instructor – DASISHA CAMPBELL

I was born and raised in West Texas. After battling anxiety issues for years, I decided to go the holistic route with my health and found yoga and meditation in September 2015. My anxiety started to fade immediately and I fell in love with the practice. Now when I am not doing yoga, I’m  thinking about doing yoga! I have been teaching yoga since June 2017 with a 200hr Hatha Yoga certification and I fully believe as long as you have a body and the ability to breathe, you CAN do yoga! 

Meet Instructor – PATTY GEORGE
Greetings!  My name is Patty George.  I received my 200 (RYT) training this past summer. I was born and raised in Kansas City, but my love for yoga began while living in Minneapolis, MN.  After having years of lower back issues I found that yoga was the only exercise that relieved the pain, a pain that is now completely gone.  I also quickly realized yoga not only benefited me physically but help me reduce stress and achieve a mental state of calmness. After seven years of personal practice, and meeting a few inspiring teachers here in beautiful West Texas, I made the leap to teacher training.  I’ve touted the benefits of yoga to friends and family for years and decided the next logical step to sharing what I’ve experienced, was to teach.   I enjoy the diversity of students I’ve met in teaching and how everyone is on a different but positive course. I love that yoga can be done just about anywhere, by anyone, with just your body and mind.  There are many different styles of yoga and I look forward to learning more so I can share more.  Come explore this ancient and wonderful practice with us!
Meet Instructor – KATHRYN VEGA
I discovered yoga while struggling with an auto-immune illness. After beginning a personal practice in 2013, I noticed immediate physical improvements, as well as mental sharpness and emotional stability. My initial study of Hatha Yoga began at The Yoga Connection in Tucson, Arizona with Priscilla Potter. I trained extensively in Yin Yoga, as well as Unnata Aerial Yoga. As an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT200) with Yoga Alliance, I have taught over 1000 hours in the Rio Grande Valley and West Texas. Join me on the mat to discover clarity, strength, and flexibility in your life.


Meet Instructor – ASHLEY TSCHAUNER

I discovered yoga in a local gym shortly after becoming a new mom. It was love at first down dog! In fact, I was so faithful to my practice that the instructor asked me to cover the class when she suffered an injury. It was then that I discovered how much I enjoy sharing my love and knowledge of yoga with others. I obtained my Yogafit teaching certification in 2018. I consider myself a lifelong student of the practice and am always seeking learning opportunities. It is an honor to share my passion with the yoga community!

Meet Instructor – PILAR CHAPA

My name is Pilar. I am a native to Odessa. I, first, started yoga in at Texas Tech, when I needed a physical education credit, and noticed how strangely calm I felt. Since then, I’ve practiced yoga at home with youtube and at studios. It wasn’t until I moved to Medellín and started my own trauma recovery using yoga, in my home, to help me gain a sense of self trust. Eventually, I found and became part of a local yoga community, in Medellín, where a dear friend of mine recommended that I go through the teacher’s training program to help me heal. She said it would change my life and be the best thing I ever did. So, I took her advice and received my teacher training, a four week intensive residential course, from Sivananda (which is 200 hours recognized by the Yoga Alliance) in the Vanadurga Ashram in San Rafael, Antioquia.

Since then, I’ve left my fancy heels life for yoga pants. I, now, focus a lot of what I do (teaching, photography, dancing & yoga) to empower others and finding their freedom.